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Emoluments for calculation of pension.

Emoluments mean and include

  • Pay  including stagnation increment.


  • Average emoluments shall be determined with reference to the emoluments of last ten months. Rule 114 of *Assam Service (Pension) Rules, 1969.
  • If during the last 10 months of his service a Government Servant had been absent from duty on leave, for which leave salary is payable, or having been suspended had been reinstated  without forfeiture of service, the emoluments which he would have drawn had he not been absent from duty or suspended, shall be taken into account for determining the average emoluments.
  • If during the last 10 months of service, a Government Servant had been on extraordinary leave or had been under suspension, the period whereof does not count as service, the said period shall be disregarded in the calculation of the average emoluments and equal period before the 10 months period shall be included.