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Qualifying Service  - Rule 30 of Assam Services (Pension) Rules

Commencement of Qualifying Service  - Qualifying Service of a Government shall commence from the date he takes charge of the post to which he is appointed either substantively or in an officiating or temporary capacity. Condition subject to which service qualifies

  • The service of a Government servant shall not  qualify for pension unless his duties and pay are regulated by the Government.
  • Service means service  under the Government and paid by the Government from the Consolidated Fund of the State or a local fund administered by that Government but does not include service in a non-pensionable establishment.
  • Temporary Central Government servants on deputation to the State, on getting absorbed under this Government  will be allowed to count the period of continuous temporary service under the Central Government immediately preceding the service under this Government.
  • Service as an Apprentice does not qualify for pension
  • Counting of Military Service rendered before civil employment is governed by Rule 28*
  • Counting of war service rendered before civil employment is governed by Rule 29*.
  • Counting of period spent on leave - All leave during service for which leave salary is payable and extra-ordinary leave granted on medical certificate  shall count  as qualifying service
  • Counting of period spent on training - The Government may by order, decide whether the time spent by a Government servant under training immediately before appointment to service under the government shall count as qualifying service.
  • Counting of periods on suspension - A period of suspension does not count towards qualifying service unless the authority competent declares so.
  • Forfeiture of service  on dismissal or removal - entails forfeiture of past service
  • Counting past service on reinstatement   - can be counted as qualifying service provided the competent authority passes specific order in this regard.
  • Forfeiture of service on Resignation - Resignation from a post entails forfeiture of past service unless resignation  has been submitted to take up another appointment with the proper permission.
  • Effect of interruption in service  - In the absence of specific indication to the contrary in the Service Book, an interruption between two spells of civil service by a Government servant shall be treated as automatically condoned.
  • Addition to Qualifying service in special circumstances may be permissible according to the provisions of Assam Service (Pension) Rules, 1969.

(*Assam Service (Pension) Rules, 1969 ; Treatment of interpretation in service is governed by Rule 64 to 66 ).